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Are you making decisions
that are risky for your business? 
You can only make the right decisions
when you get the big picture.

The knowledge and information contained in your organization’s business software has been accumulated over many years and is extremely valuable. This information covers the operation, metrics, and design of the software, but is often tantalizingly just out of reach.

Without this knowledge, maintenance and changes to the system are not as effective as they could be, and the risk of problems increases exponentially, the larger the enhancement required. This can lead to paralysis, where changes aren’t made due to a lack of confidence in the outcome.

Easy access
to detailed information
about your IBM i environment for a successful management
of your resources

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The X-Analysis suite helps you understand and assess the size and quality of your code base and the risk of maintaining and modernizing your legacy applications.

With automated and interactive analysis, documentation and impact analysis for RPG and COBOL applications on IBM i, X-Analysis is instrumental in improving development quality, maintaining and evolving legacy systems.

Leverage the vital knowledge stored within your IBM i applications with X-Analysis’ complete range of management and productivity tools.

When you don’t know all of the impacts of a change,
that’s when you bring in X-Resize.
screens help confirm that you first
find all of the 
changes at the database level.
Then you let X-Resize 
take all of the database
files and traverse through the system line-by-line until
it finds all of the affected physical files, displays,
printers and parameters.”
- Chris Nickchen, project manager at New Penn


These modules provide additional features to the X-Analysis Professional foundation tool:

Application_Process_Mapping1Business Rules

Business rules are a critical part of your applications, but identifying and extracting them can be a challenge.

This module creates a highly structured repository of business rules written in easily readable code to analysts and business stakeholders.


Audit_and_Quality_Analysis_iconAudit and Quality Analysis

IBM i applications are typically large, complex and developed by a variety of programmers. Without an automated au­dit and analysis tool, understanding such applications is al­most impossible.

This module provides a breakdown of every aspect of the application portfolio.


CA2E_iconCA-2E Analysis

By recovering existing business logic and data and process models, you can lower cost, time and risk.

This module extracts, analyses and documents the CA 2E model architecture visually and interactively. Quickly and easily, all stakeholders (not just 2E experts) can assess the design and relevance of the CA 2E application.


X-DB_iconDatabase Modernization

Database modernization converts DDS to DDL and automatically converts your entire database.

It gives you a fast and efficient method of extracting and viewing the Data Description Language for databases in your system. The same simple interface begins the conversion to DDL.


Field_resizing_iconField Resizing

X-Resize removes the risk of human error in field expansion projects, providing a detailed impact assessment, eliminating the guess work and automatically handling all aspects of the resizing task.

It automatically resizes all fields in affected programs, providing detailed reports that analyze the impact of any resizing effort on the IBM i.


Application_Modernization_iconApplication Modernization

Many companies face real pressure to modernize their business applications beyond the scope and capability of what CA 2E can offer.

X-2E Modernize is the solution for modernizing any CA 2E application. It automatically re-factors and generates an MVC Web application using object-oriented methods in Java or RPG Free.