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Announcing - X‑Analysis 13.2

Get an overview of X‑Analysis 13.2 in this on-demand webinar.

Managing your IBM i applications has never been easier. The recent release of X‑Analysis 13.2 includes a wide range of capabilities and new features to help you manage applications better and get things into production faster. In this session, you'll learn about X‑Analysis functionality, including what's new in version 13.2:

  • Enhanced support for a variety of SQL techniques   
  • Enhanced support for RPG Free Format and RPG Fully Free code
  • Greater detail in Impact Analysis traceability
  • Multi-lingual user interface for the RDi/Eclipse plugin

About X‑Analysis
X‑Analysis is the market-leading IBM i analysis and productivity tool from Fresche Solutions. X‑Analysis helps users understand their applications and databases with dynamic, interactive documentation, and boosts productivity by providing powerful impact analysis, code quality metrics, access to the data model, business rule extraction, reduced testing time, etc.

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Ray Everhart

Ray Everhart
Senior IBM i Analyst and X-Analysis Product Manager 

For over 30 years, Ray has helped companies understand, develop and manage their RPG, COBOL and CA 2E application environments. He also specializes in helping clients enhance and modernize their systems to meet evolving business demands and take advantage of digital transformation opportunities.


Marcel Sarrasin
Chief Product Officer

During his 16 years in the IBM i marketplace, Marcel has filled many roles, including product manager, technical support manager and trainer. He has helped hundreds of IBM i programmers become proficient web developers using Fresche's solutions and has in-depth understanding of IBM i application modernization approaches.