30-minute on-demand session 

Why Switch to Db2 Checkpoint?
Achieve Cost Savings, Improve Reliability & Enjoy Better Support on Your z/OS 



Inflation is forcing IT leaders to simplify their solution stacks and identify cost savings wherever possible. z/OS software vendors are not helping matters; they still hold organizations hostage with excessive licensing and maintenance fees, little to no software upgrades and extremely poor technical support. 

One of the quickest, easiest ways to find cost savings in z/OS batch processing is to swap out your existing checkpoint solution - most companies have achieved cost savings of more than 80% by switching to Db2 Checkpoint. Join Neal Lozins, Product Manager, SoftBase for a 30-minute session as he explores the top reasons to swap out with Db2 Checkpoint. 

During the session, Neal will also walk you through a variety of low-risk ways the swap out can be achieved:

  • Making JCL changes to use the I/O subsystem 
  • Using the Source Conversion tool to change calls to the API calls 
  • Changing Pre-Compiler and JCL
  • Relinking/using DYNAM  


Neal Lozins

Neal Lozins 
Product Manager,


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