About WebSmart

Using the WebSmart wizards and IDE you can rapidly develop any type of IBM i web application for any business need. It gives you the flexibility to best meet your changing business conditions by providing you the following options:

  • Editions: Choose between WebSmart’s PHP and ILE editions. PHP is a popular open-source languages that helps attract new developers.
  • Platforms: Host on IBM i, Linux and/or Windows
  • Databases: Create web apps over DB2, MySQL, MS SQL & Oracle

 Create one web application after the other

Once you start developing web applications with WebSmart your users (and manager) will be impressed by how quickly you are delivering them. It generates the starting client and server-side logic for you using popular web technologies such as Web Services, AJAX, jQuery, XML, encryption, Google Maps, charts and output to Excel.

 Get a quick start out of the gates

You get these productivity features with WebSmart to speed you through the web development learning curve and help you develop web apps faster:

  • Wizards help you create programs in minutes
  • Templates generate starting PHP/RPG, HTML, JS and CSS
  • HTML tools, code complete, syntax checker & debugger
  • Functions to call back-end RPG programs
  • The best vendor support you've ever experienced!
  • Use our Professional Services to develop web apps for you if you don't have the time or expertise