looksoftware version 10.1 available for IBM i


The most advanced designer for the IBM i just got better!

Version 10.1 is now available.
The release of Version 10 brought a significant number of enhancements to the looksoftware product suite. Since this release the development team at looksoftware have been working hard to deliver even more functionality for a greater modernization experience - version 10.1.

The most recent addition is a new type of host form, Open Display File forms, which enables RPG developers to develop for any device and the cloud entirely within RPG code, removing the need to learn any other language or use different development tools.

  • Support for Open Display Files
  • Enhancements for openlook enabled applications
  • lookserver 10.1 (to be released with the development suite) will support solutions utilizing OpenDSPF forms
  • General stability and performance improvements plus all the other fantastic features of version 10

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