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X-Analysis helps organizations better manage IBM i applications by quickly allowing developers to gain a full understanding of their RPG, CA 2E (Synon) or COBOL application functions and business rules.

Knowledge of these critical applications allows developers to easily update and incorporate ongoing changes to the base system, ensuring productivity and consistency.

X-Analysis lets you:

  • Improve the visibility and productivity of your applications
  • Quantify and manage the size and quality of your code base
  • Assess the risk of maintaining and modernizing legacy code bases
  • Improve development quality
  • Share the value of your applications with non-developers and business stakeholders

Key Features:

  • Automated graphical documentation that abstracts code implementation and makes it easy for IT to visualize and understand application design and flow.
  • Powerful impact analysis that tracks “where used” information, starting from a single field or variable through all iterations and associated variables and fields.

  • Extraction of relational data models from RPG/COBOL/CA-2E (Synon), facilitating database modernization and re-engineering efforts.

  • Extraction of business rules from RPG/COBOL, enabling IT to cross-reference, consolidate and store business rules, exposing the business logic.

  • Design, quality and complexity metrics that help IT measure and track program complexities against established benchmarks such as Cyclomatic, Halstead, and Maintainability Index.

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