Transforming and Modernizing
Business-Critical Applications

Executive Training Session

Proven Strategies for Innovating IT in a Digital Age

Transforming outdated RPG, COBOL & CA 2E (SYNON) applications not only lowers costs and mitigates risks, but it also unlocks new capabilities to innovate and future-proof your business.

Join Eamon Musallam for an executive educational session about digital transformation trends and strategies. You'll learn how to move your systems to modern architectures that support evolving business needs and retain your competitive edge. 

During this 30-minute session Eamon will cover:

  • How to align current IT requirements with the business
  • Real customer roadmaps and use cases
  • Practical approaches to plan resources, budgets and timelines
  • Business drivers for digital transformation and modernization


Eamon Musallam
Transformation Advisor

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