Top 5 Things That IBM i Developers Need to Start Doing Today!

View this recorded webinar to learn the best practices to help you ensure you’re maximizing the capability of your IBM i systems.


On-Demand Webinar [IBM Systems Media]

In this webinar, Paul Tuohy and Stephen Flaherty will go over a few ways that IBM i developers can make their jobs easier, by simply adopting the top 5 best practices and using some proper tooling.

They discuss:

  • What your IBM i can really do
  • Exactly what modernization really means
  • Best approaches for making code changes and managing applications ways to make it easy for IT to understand application design and flow
You’ll also see a demo of how X-Analysis automatically documents your IBM i environment.


Stephen Flaherty

Stephen Flaherty

Technical Pre-Sales Specialist in Pre-Sales

With over 25 years in the IBM i market, Stephen has led a wide range of RPG coding projects and worked with several ERP and EDI packages. His current role as a Technical Engineer enables him to ensure the best communication between sales and new and existing customers on a variety of products, helping clients transform or update their systems through custom strategies.

Paul Tuohy

Paul Tuohy

Owner at ComCon

Paul Tuohy has specialized in application development and training on IBM midrange systems for more than 20 years. He currently runs ComCon consultancy and is a partner in System i Developer and the RPG & DB2 Summit. He is also a technical editor for iPro Developer, the author of two books on re-engineering legacy RPG applications and iSeries Navigator, and an award-winning speaker at events around the world.