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30-minute Power Session 

Top 5 IBM i Cloud Strategies For Success

Low-risk, high-value initiatives for 2022

Organizations are quickly realizing that the benefits of cloud include much more than better performance and a greater ability to scale. As inflation and cost of resources skyrocket, the reduction in costs and maintenance needs gained by moving to cloud is driving faster adoption. Cloud users boast that they are more productive, serve customers better, can scale storage needs in real-time, and are better positioned to handle sharp changes in the business. 

There are several high-value initiatives to consider as you plan for cloud. Thomas Harris, COO, Abacus Solutions addresses some of the challenges and dives into these top 5 low-risk strategies to start moving your workloads: 

  • Setting up application testing environments 
  • Upgrading the OS 
  • Implementing development systems 
  • HA/DR & Backup/ Archive 
  • Moving the entire system to cloud 



Thomas Harris
General Manager,
Abacus Solutions
(A Business Unit of Fresche)


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