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The Future of RPG Live Webinar


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Join Barbara Morris, Tim Rowe & looksoftware to witness the next evolution in RPG development.

"RPG has been a second class development language for too long. This stops today."  -  Brendan Kay, looksoftware

IBM and looksoftware have been investing heavily in RPG development. looksoftware is pleased to announce a great leap forward in RPG capabilities and productivity. 

Learn how RPG is now a first class development language for the mobile digital world.

Learn how you can take all your investment in RPG source code and skills, and deliver applications without limits. 


  1. How RPG can deliver applications for today’s business requirements

  2. An overview of IBM's commitment to RPG from Barbara Morris and Tim Rowe

  3. Break through the limitations of traditional RPG and deliver mobile, cloud and web applications with ease

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Webinar presenters
Barbara_Morris_130x130   Tim_Rowe
Barbara Morris
Lead Developer, IBM 
  Tim Rowe
Trevor_Perry_IBM_Champion   Brendan_Kay_CEO_looksoftware
Trevor Perry
IBM Champion
  Brendan Kay
CEO, looksoftware 

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