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The Future of RPG Live Webinar

Join Barbara Morris, Tim Rowe & Looksoftware to witness the next evolution in RPG development.

"RPG has been a second-class development language for too long. This stops today."

-  Brendan Kay, Looksoftware

IBM and Looksoftware have been investing heavily in RPG development. Looksoftware is pleased to announce a great leap forward in RPG capabilities and productivity.

Learn how RPG is now a first-class development language for the mobile digital world. Learn how you can take all your investment in RPG source code and skills, and deliver applications without limits. Discover:

  • How RPG can deliver applications for today’s business requirements

  • An overview of IBM's commitment to RPG from Barbara Morris and Tim Rowe

  • Break through the limitations of traditional RPG and deliver mobile, cloud and web applications with ease

Webinar presenters:
Barbara Morris   Tim Rowe
Barbara Morris
Lead Developer, IBM 
  Tim Rowe
Business Architect, IBM 
Trevor Perry   Brendan Kay
Trevor Perry
IBM Champion
  Brendan Kay
CEO, looksoftware 

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