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Let's Talk About Synon & IBM i

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Schedule your free whiteboard strategy session with our Advisors and get insight on approaches and options to modernize your Synon & IBM i applications.

Lead by Fresche's Client Advisory team, the session is an opportunity to bring together IT and business leaders at your organization to learn how you can modernize your CA 2E (Synon) and RPG applications to accelerate digital innovation. Connecting with the experts gives your team an opportunity to discuss the current state of your business and IT, identify possibilities for innovation, and discuss how you can best deliver on your vision for the future.

A few hot topics and key areas you might want to discuss:

  • Developing digital strategies & roadmaps for Synon & IBM i environments
    (better alignment to support your business)
  • Synon green screen modernization options & web and mobile development 
  • Application understanding and productivity options, on-boarding new developers faster
  • Staffing and application services and outsourced application management
  • Synon modernization & code transformation (options, approaches & what to expect)
  • Improving automation and developing innovative solutions that will help you compete better and become the disrupter in your market

Fresche is a leading provider of modernization and digital transformation solutions for Synon & IBM i applications. Learn more about us here: Fresche's Solution Booklet.


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