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Simplifying IBM i Application Management with X-Analysis

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A study by SMU says that developers only spend 5% of their time writing new code. They spend 20% of their time modifying legacy code and up to 60% of their time just trying to understand the code.

Our strength as programmers lies not only in the code we write, but also in the tools we use. Tools often determine how productive, efficient and accurate we are - especially when working with applications that we didn't write.

Join Ray Everhart for an educational session about how Fresche's X-Analysis reduces the time, effort and risk associated with managing large RPG, COBOL and CA (2E) SYNON applications.

Ray will demonstrate and discuss:

  • How discovery and understanding simplifies application management
  • Practical examples to automate documentation, impact analysis, code cleanup, field resizing and more
  • About X-Analysis: It automates application documentation, impact analysis, audits code quality, extracts business rules, and gives business stakeholders the insights they need to make data-driven decisions.

Download Ray's powerpoint handout from the session here.

Download Paul's powerpoint handout from the session here.



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Paul Tuohy
System i Developer

Simplifying IBM i Application Management with X-Analysis


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