Simplify Avaya CMS with Easy Web-Reporting

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If your organization uses Avaya CMS, call center reporting is likely managed by a small handful of individuals who are continuously bombarded with requests for new and custom ad-hoc reports. Middle management may have trouble monitoring their individual departments or groups when needed, and upper management probably needs a more complete picture of the whole organization. Wouldn't it be easier if everyone could access, build and share web-reports from an intuitive browser-based interface, instead?

View this recorded webinar to learn how N-Focus Plus, NetLert's web-based reporting tool for Avaya CMS, can immediately improve your call center reporting with:

  • 100% Web-Based Reports and Mobile Access – Manage your call center anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited Permission Based Access to reports – Get the right data to the right people at the right time
  • Ease of Use – Less data management, more people management
  • Automated Report Distribution - Schedule reports to be distributed to all key decision makers
  • Multiple ACD Support - Access a consolidated view of your entire organization’s call center data in one place
  • Data Displayed Anywhere - PC, Tablets, Mobile, TV, Walls board and more




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Joe McGimsey
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