Extract and Analyze Report Data from IBM i and Other Reports

Monarch for EZ-Pickin's is a Windows-based report mining and analytics tool that enables business users to efficiently get the information they need.

What you can do with EZ-Pickin's:

  • Extract Data - Use data from virtually any electronic report including spool files, PDF, text and database files.
  • Analyze Data - Sort, filter and create custom views and report summaries with totals and calculated fields.

  • Export Data - Eliminate rekeying of data by exporting to Excel, PDF, XML, Access, MS Word and more.

Why use EZ-Pickin's

  • Enhance Decision Making
  • Easy Access to Data
  • Simplify Compliance and Auditing
  • IBM i Reports to XLS
  • Reduce IT Reporting Burden
  • Leverage Existing Reports

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