Green screen to GUI and Mobile - the smart way.

When considering modernization, a screen-by-screen approach can seem like the “quick and simple” fix. But when you have to build quality UIs for many hundreds of screens and then maintain and update them, you quickly realize that this approach will mean a lot more work down the road.

You can modernize your RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) screens up to 3 times faster with Newlook’s dynamic recognition engine. The Newlook engine uses smart rules that can be applied across the entire application environment making your ongoing maintenance quick and easy. In just minutes, you get high quality and visually spectacular web and mobile applications.  

Leveraging your existing 5250 applications, Newlook automatically generates modern user interfaces that are easy to customize and easy to maintain.

In this 56-minute session, Trevor Perry shows you how Newlook:

  • Dynamically refaces all of your 5250 applications to achieve a spectacular modern user interface;
  • Easily modernizes with automated control generation and recognition at a global level;
  • Integrates your applications with desktop solutions, web applications and web services;
  • Automatically enables your applications for mobile devices;
  • Reduces long-term maintainability.




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Trevor Perry, Modernization Strategist
at Fresche Legacy
Trevor Perry is a Modernization Strategist at Fresche Legacy, where he provides innovative strategies to IBM i users around the world. Well-known in the IBM i community for leading efforts to promote modernization, he specializes in setting strategy and direction, aligning business and IT, guiding evolution of IT DNA and motivating entire companies.