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Webinar: The better way to manage your IBM i

Do you find yourself thinking,
"There has to be a better way to do this?”

With automated analysis and modernization tools, you can reduce the time spent managing applications and remove the risks involved in making changes to the code.

In this webinar you will be introduced to X-Analysis, used by thousands of IBM i developers to help analyze and better manage billions of lines of code.

You will learn how to use this powerful tool for:

  • Automated graphical documentation that abstracts code implementation and makes it easy for IT to visualize and understand application design and flow.

  • Powerful impact analysis that tracks “where used” information, starting from a single field or variable through all iterations and associated variables and fields.

  • Automated field resizing that fully manages the resizing effort including all the affected files and programs in your resize project.

  • Database modernization, to automatically modernize your DDS to DDL including the creation of constraints, long field names and views.

  • Design, quality and complexity metrics that help IT measure and track program complexities against established benchmarks such as Cyclomatic, Halstead, and Maintainability Index.



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Richard Thomas,
IBM i Solutions Architect at Fresche Legacy
Richard Thomas is an IBM i Solutions Architect with Fresche Legacy, where he works closely with customers implementing modernization solutions. For 24 years, he has specialized in ILE RPG development, SQL, database modernization and is one of the lead developers for Fresche's X-Analysis toolset.