Webinar with live demo: 5 Things to Uncover in Your CA 2E (Synon) Applications


Do you find it takes a lot of effort to manage your CA 2E (Synon) applications? That's because a lot of the essential information needed to work smarter is hard to access and often out of reach.

Access to the right information can help you:

  • Understand the impact of change across your entire environment
  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Make informed decisions
  • Reduce development time

X-2E Analysis helps you achieve all of this by graphically documenting your entire system and providing quick access to the information you need to better manage, enhance and evolve your applications.

In this session, we show you 5 key things that X-2E Analysis uncovers that help you work smarter with your CA 2E applications and your IBM i environment. X-2E Analysis makes it possible to:

  • Get a consolidated view of all applications, including CA 2E, RPG & COBOL
  • Understand the impact of change across all of your applications
  • Document your entire system for quick onboarding of new developers
  • Extract and document business rules to share with non-technical staff
  • Get access to critical information locked in your 2E model

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Kirk FrancisKirk Francis
IBM i Modernization Architect

With over two decades of IBM i experience, Kirk unlocks the value in existing systems, re-engineers processes and selects new software to fulfill business requirements. He successfully directs large-scale IBM i projects that involve integration with a wide variety of surrounding technologies. Well-versed in all things IBM i, including CA 2E (Synon), all iterations of RPG, CL and DB2 and a vast array of related technologies, Kirk also has extensive experience with Windows, Mac and the Web.


Marcel SarrasinMarcel Sarrasin
VP of Corporate Marketing and Business Development,

During his 15 years in the IBM i marketplace, Marcel has filled many roles, including product manager, technical support manager and trainer. He has helped hundreds of IBM i programmers become proficient web developers using Fresche's solutions and has in-depth understanding of IBM i application modernization approaches.