Protecting Your IBM i Systems from
Ransomware and Other Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity  |  Compliance & Auditing  |  Intrusion Detection

Zero-day attacks and ransomware threats are on the rise and data that resides on IBM i is not immune. Now is the time to learn how to defend it.

There's more to protection than just running a virus scanner on the IFS, which can leave you with a false sense of security. Without proper configuration and monitoring, critical data on the IBM i can be left wide open to security weaknesses. 

In this on-demand session, Marcel Sarrasin and Pauline Brazil Ayala introduce you to TGSuite, the next generation of IBM i security tools. They also dive into IFS and network security to help you learn how to configure the defenses on your system and guard your valuable data. 

In the session, they discuss:

  • What a secure system looks like in 2022
  • Cybersecurity and auditing, data-level reporting and job activity monitoring
  • Advanced exit point security - knowing and managing who has access to your IBM i
  • Setting up alerts on critical security events as they happen
  • Managing all your LPARs from one centralized web console



Marcel Sarrasin
Chief Product Officer, Fresche


Pauline Brazil Ayala
VP Operations, Trinity Guard


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