About Presto

Presto is a web enablement and modernization solution that helps IBM i programmers meet the shortest deadlines by rendering green screens as web pages. Managers and users will love the visually appealing screens that are easier to use, and you'll love how Presto gives you the most flexibility to add new functionality.

"Any IBM i shop that has a need to extend an application or data to the web could use Presto with their in-house RPG developers. Presto allows for the creation of a web application at a fraction of the cost."

 Jay Pierce, President, JRP & Associates

 Modern Web GUI

  • Quick Results: All of your green screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Menus and function keys are converted to links and buttons.
  • No Source Changes: No source code changes required with the 5250 datastream.
  • 5250 or RPG OA: You can use the 5250 datastream and OA with a single license.
  • Easy Access: Users only need a browser to access the screens from any device.
  • Use Existing Staff: Presto is easy for RPG programmers to learn.


 Improve Appearance and Functionality

  • Visual Editor: Programmers without HTML experience are productive right away using the Visual Editor to add tabs, charts, images and other UI elements.
  • User Productivity: Users can navigate screens with their mouse and enter data with autocompletes and datepickers.
  • Database-Driven UI Elements: Use SQL to populate dropdown lists and autocompletes and more or access DB2 data.
  • Future-Proof: Optionally integrate Presto screens with other web technologies/apps.


 Mobile Support

  • Mobile Layout: Presto automatically detects the device type and displays a layout that maximizes screen real estate and optimizes performance.
  • Function Key Support: Presto includes a virtual keyboard for function keys.
  • Mobile App: Optionally access iPhone/iPad device hardware using Presto's iOS app.