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Deep Dive into Open Display Files with looksoftware

Deep Dive into Open Display Files


Hello RPG. Goodbye DDS.

Open Display Files seamlessly enable delivery of web, mobile, rich desktop, cloud services and other modern technologies, using your existing RPG skills.  

By eliminating the restrictions of DDS and incorporating a multi-tier architecture, you have full control of the graphical interface as well as the business logic from your RPG codebase.

View the on-demand webinar to see RPG expert Pascal Polverini and modernization guru Nick Hampson demonstrate just how easy yet powerful Open Display Files are.

Learn how Open Display Files:  
1. Deliver RPG applications for business requirements with ease 
2. Develop for rich desktop, browser, mobile and Cloud
3. Break through limitations of traditional RPG

On-demand webinar details

Recorded: Jan 29, 2014    |   Length: 60 mins


Open Display Files RPGOA

View the on-demand webinar:

Webinar Presenters

Pascal Polverini IBM i ISV Advisory Council - Redbook co-authorPascal Polverini - RPG Expert. IBM i ISV Advisory Council. Redbook co-author

Pascal Polverini is part of the IBM i ISV Advisory Council, a pioneer in RPG Open Access and a driving force of the RPG OA Metadata Open Standard, providing modernization solutions for business-critical RPG applications. 

Nick_HampsonNick Hampson - Product Evangelist. Modernization Expert. 

Nick Hampson is an expert in graphical interface design, user experience and modernization. He has been involved in the IBM i community for 15 years.

logo blue sphere only 64x64
Deep Dive into Open Display Files with looksoftware