Watch the webinar: Introducing Newlook 10 

Learn about he most advanced designer IBM i has ever seen.

Newlook version 10 makes designing and developing state-of-the-art IBM i applications quicker and easier than ever before. 

"It is immediately obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into newlook version 10Enhancements like multiple mobile device and custom form sizes, tight integration with RPG Open Access, and the improvements to the flow and workspace area, make modernizing applications even easier."

Travis Riggins - CEO, TSR400

There are three core principles that form the foundation of Newlook 10:

Simplicity. The experience of design and layout is more intuitive and common tasks are now automated.

Productivity. Newlook 10 is tightly integrated and geared towards finishing projects more quickly and easily than before.

Satisfaction. We have made the designer easier, more self-evident and even more fun to work with. 

View the on-demand webinar to discover:

  • IBM i industry experts and guest speaker overview on newlook 10
  • Enhanced features such as:
    • In-form Function Key and in-place control editing
    • Single-click browser preview to allow instant testing of your solution with any browser
  • Plus more insight into the enhanced features available
Webinar presenters:
Eamon Musallam Trevor Perry Nick Hampson
Eamon Musallam
Business Development 
Trevor Perry
IBM Champion 
Nick Hampson
UI/UX Specialist 

Watch the webinar on demand: