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Close the IBM i Skills Gap – Low-Risk Strategies for Adopting IBM i Cloud

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Join Marcel Sarrasin, CPO from Fresche and Thomas Harris, COO from Abacus where they dive into some low-risk, high-value initiatives that can ease your organization into cloud and help you better manage your IBM i servers.

In this session we will cover:

    • Strategies to manage retiring IBM i skills/resources
    • Which functions of IT make sense to move to the cloud
    • Customer case studies – a walkthrough of their cloud adoption strategies
    • Improving IBM i operational efficiency by shoring up gaps and getting things off your plate
    • Flexible cloud models for IBM i that are cost effective and scalable

Learn how you can leverage managed services and Cloud-forward strategies to minimize the time spent on status quo and establish a business continuity plan for IBM i staffing and skills gaps.





Thomas Harris

COO, Abacus



Marcel Sarrasin

CPO, Fresche


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