Product Launch: Introducing You to X‑Elevate

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Fresche’s newest product, X-Elevate, is here and making waves: this wizard and template-based development tool helps programmers quickly create free-form RPG applications and APIs with a modern architecture.

Join us for a product launch session with Yuval Oren and Robert Arce as they highlight the value X-Elevate offers. They'll show you how to build RESTful APIs in fully free-form RPG, walk through the generated modular architecture, and give you a live demo of X-Elevate. 

Some key features of X-Elevate:

  • A template-based approach that ensures consistency and best practices across development teams
  • Fully free-form RPG code generation to support 3-tier architectures and microservices
  • Complete control over generated code and the ability to maintain it in any RPG editor such as RDi
  • Integration and sharing of data with other systems by exposing Db2 files and SQL views as RESTful APIs





Yuval Oren

Product Manager, X-Elevate

Robert Arce

Robert Arce

Solutions Strategist


Marcel Sarrasin




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