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Improving Business in a Digital Era

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There is no doubt that 2020’s events are changing how IBM i organizations focus their digital efforts. As IT leaders, many of us are under pressure to adapt to urgent business needs. However, it is also important to examine how we can improve resilience by innovating and preparing our IT environments for future business opportunities and threats. 

View this session with Fresche’s Chris Koppe and Nick Hampson where they will highlight how to align IT initiatives with key business objectives. They will also discuss how IT leadership can lead their organization into a digital era and why so many companies are focused on digital transformation.

You will learn about:

  • Responding to challenges when disruption occurs
  • HR initiatives for digital transformation
  • Incremental modernization strategies that maximize time-to-value
  • The business case for modernization vs. packaged replacement

They will also discuss the different products and solutions available for organizations to build out their digital strategy and start innovating for the future, as well as the outcomes you can expect based on the approach that you take.



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Chris Koppe
Senior VP, Transformation and Modernisation Services

Chris Koppe is widely recognized as a thought leader in IBM i modernisation and is a regular speaker at conferences, events, and in webinars. Since joining Fresche in 1988, he has helped hundreds of companies worldwide develop and execute successful application management and modernisation strategies, across a variety of platforms, languages, databases, and technologies.


Nick Hampson
Senior Product Manager

Nick has extensive experience in Design, UX, Product Management, Innovation and Pre-Sales. Focused on bringing the business value of design and UX to IBM i customers and the community at large, Nick is recognized as a UX expert on IBM i. He also describes himself as a geek and a bookworm with interests in design, psychology, neuroscience, physics, engineering and mathematics, and given a little free time, he is also a keen target Archer.