Improve IBM i Testing and Test Data Management with Fresche

On-Demand Webinar Series

Learn how you can improve testing and protect sensitive data with Fresche’s X-Datatest.

Proper testing and compliance are critical to delivering high-quality IBM i applications. Many IT departments lack automation and thorough testing, which exposes organizations to risk. In addition, compliance is a growing concern because data protection principles aren’t always applied.

View this two-part webinar series to learn how you can efficiently and accurately test your IBM i application environment while ensuring that sensitive data is protected.

Part 1: Data Protection, Compliance and Managing Test Data

You’ll learn how you can use Fresche’s X-Datatest to:

  • Anonymize data to assist in achieving compliance (e.g. GDPR, Sox, HIPAA)
  • Reduce the effort associated with creating and managing test data
  • Validate referential integrity

Part 2: Automated Testing, Regression Testing and Code Coverage

You’ll learn how you can use Fresche’s X-Datatest to:

  • Improve testing to catch bugs before they make it to production
  • Analyze before-and-after reports in regression testing
  • Create code coverage reports so you know exactly what has been tested

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Ray Everhart
Senior IBM i Analyst & X-Analysis Product Manager

Ray has spent years helping IBM i companies by assessing their RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) applications and processes to improve business outcomes. As Product Manager for X-Analysis, he works closely with IBM i customers to understand their business goals and technical needs in order to drive innovation within the product suite.


Marcel Sarrasin
VP of Marketing & Business Development

During his 16 years in the IBM i marketplace, Marcel has filled many roles, including product manager, technical support manager and trainer. He has helped hundreds of IBM i programmers become proficient web developers using Fresche's solutions and has in-depth understanding of IBM i application modernization approaches.