IBM i ISV Lunch & Learn

Strategic Ways to Innovate and Grow Your Business

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20 Minute Sessions

ISVs that offer applications developed on IBM's Power Systems IBM i platform face many challenges. While these systems are proven and stable, some ISVs struggle when it comes to finding RPG, Cobol or CA/2E Synon resources, modernising applications, and rolling out new versions to their clients.

Recent global market conditions and disruptions have driven the need for real-time access to applications, intuitive user experience (UX) and integrated systems. This presents an opportunity for ISVs to keep up with their industry’s changing needs, expand into new markets and grow their revenue.

Join Fresche and IBM for the following 20-minute lunch-and-learn sessions to learn how you can leverage your IBM i applications to bridge the skills gap, protect and grow your installed base, and give yourself a competitive advantage through innovation.

Session 1: How to Upgrade Clients Who Have Customised Their Code

Simon Porstendorfer (IBM) and Pascal Polverini (Fresche)

Recorded Date: Monday, 7th December – 12:30 pm CET / 11:30 am GMT  

Keeping your clients current with your applications is one way to increase maintenance revenue and reduce costs related to supporting previous versions. Learn how application insights and automated testing validation can help your clients more readily adopt new versions of your applications and move their systems forward.   

In this session you will learn about: 

  • Automatically analysing and identifying the differences between your core applications and your client’s customised versions
  • Visualising the impact when modifying and enhancing your applications
  • Upgrading with confidence by automatically testing your applications from end-to-end

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Simon Porstendorfer
ISV Ecoystem Leader Europe - Cognitive Systems at IBM

Simon spent the last 20 years with IBM in various sales roles from Client Executive in the Business Partner Channel up to being the responsible Principal Offering Manager for Power Scale Out Worldwide. Today he is back in EMEA as responsible for the ISV Ecosystems on AIX and IBM i.


Pascal Polverini
PSO Consultant and IBM Champion, Fresche

Pascal Polverini has extensive experience in end-to-end software architectures, databases, programming languages, communication protocols and graphical interface. He is co-author of the IBM i Modernization Redbook, an active member of the IBM i ISV Advisory Board since 2005, and an individual associate of the OpenPOWER Foundation since 2014.


Stephen Flaherty
Technical Specialist, Fresche

Stephen started RPG programming in the early 1980s and has worked for many types of organisations in the manufacturing, retail, and software development industries. As a strategist and IBM i application development expert at Fresche, Stephen helps clients transform their IBM i systems with innovative strategies and modern solutions.


Nick Hampson
Product Manager, Fresche

Nick has extensive experience in Design, UX, Product Management, Innovation and Pre-Sales. Focused on bringing the business value of design and UX to IBM i customers and the community at large, Nick is recognised as a UX expert on IBM i.