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On-demand Session: IBM i IFS & Network Security

30-Minute Power Session

If a ransomware attack occurs, are you confident that your IBM i (AS/400) data is protected? 

Business-critical data on IBM i is not immune to ransomware, cybercrimes, and data theft. Key areas of exposure include the files and directories in your IFS and network connectivity such as ODBC, FTP, web server applications and other socket connections. 

A lack of skilled resources and security knowledge has left many companies vulnerable to attack. With the average ransomware breach costing $4.62M, companies can no longer afford NOT to prioritize security by implementing better system configuration and corrective measures.

This 30-minute POWER session presented by  Pauline Ayala dives into IFS and network security to help you learn how to configure the defenses on your IBM i system and guard your valuable data with the TGSecurity Suite.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Uncover potential internal/external threats and vulnerabilities 
  • Secure your IFS from ransomware and cybercrime 
  • Protect access to your IBM i: Advanced exit point security with TGSecurity Suite 




Pauline Brazil Ayala

VP Operations, TG

(A Fresche Business Unit)

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