IBM i Application Modernization Journey

Going Beyond Keeping The Lights On!

60-Minute sessions on June 15, 17, and 22 at 1 PM EDT

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More Than Just The Status Quo

In today’s changing business landscape, IT Leaders need to do more than just keep the lights on. Digital disruption, an aging workforce and new opportunities for growth are all making IBM i application modernization and digital enablement a necessity. IT Leaders need to be prepared to respond when asked about digital innovation.

The path to modernizing IBM i applications is paved with solutions for web, APIs and cloud as well as agile development processes and an organizational commitment to change. There are many options when it comes to modernizing your homegrown RPG / CA 2E (SYNON) or packaged applications, and making pragmatic decisions and developing the right plan for you is key.

In this three-part series, Fresche and IBM will discuss options, approaches and outcomes when developing your IBM i modernization roadmap.

Each 60-minute session focuses on an area of opportunity, from roadmapping to quick project wins with web development, modernization preparation, cloud adoption and almost everything in between. 

Attendees will be invited to schedule a complementary two-hour IT strategy workshop with Fresche. 

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Prepping for Modernization: Focusing on Quick Wins

June 17, 2021 - 1pm ET

Knowing what you have is just as important as knowing where you’re going when it comes to evolving your IBM i applications and innovating for the future. This session will help you prep for your modernization journey by showing you how automated application analysis helps you quickly determine what needs to be modernized – and what doesn’t – so you can make an informed decision about where to start. You’ll also learn about high-value, low-risk initiatives that will provide quick wins early in your modernization journey, as well as different deployment models that are available from IBM.

Chris Koppe, Ray Everhart and Steve Will will cover:

  • How to analyze your applications
    • Documenting and understanding your applications
    • Subdividing your application into logical modernization components
    • Identifying unused code (don’t pay to modernize code that is obsolete)
    • Automated testing
  • Quick Win Options (UI modernization, APIs, etc)
  • Infrastructure and deployment options, including Cloud

Breaking Down the Monolith: A Closer Look at Code and Database Transformation

Developing Your Modernization Plan: What Are Your Options?


Lisa Vogelman
Global Business Manager, Cloud Solutions for Power Systems

Lisa Vogelman is currently the Global Business Manager, Cloud Solutions for Power Systems, including two strategic offerings for the Power brand: IBM Power Systems Virtual Server and Red Hat Solutions. She is passionate about IBM and the Power brand as she’s seen first-hand the business impact IBMs technology and people can have for clients.


Steve Will
IBM i Chief Architect, IBM

Steve has worked on the IBM i operating system and its predecessors since the initial development of the AS/400. Since 2007, he has been the IBM i Chief Architect, responsible for the strategy of the operating system and the plan for future releases.


Joe Cropper
Chief Architect, Power Systems Hybrid Multicloud Platform, IBM

Joe is a Senior Technical Staff Member within the IBM Power Systems software development organization. In his current role as Chief Architect, Power Systems Hybrid Multicloud Platform, he has worldwide technical responsibility to enable hybrid cloud solutions on IBM Power Systems and drive application modernization initiatives with clients.


Chris Koppe
VP, Strategic Transformation, Fresche Solutions

Since joining Fresche in 1988, Chris has helped hundreds of companies develop and execute successful application management and modernization strategies across a variety of platforms, languages, databases, and technologies.


Ray Everhart
Senior Product Manager (X-Analysis), Fresche Solutions

For over 30 years, Ray has helped companies understand, develop and manage their RPG, COBOL and CA 2E application environments. He also specializes in helping clients enhance and modernize their systems to meet evolving business demands and take advantage of digital transformation opportunities.


Robert Arce
Robert Arce
IT Strategist, Fresche Solutions

Robert Arce is an IT Strategist and a subject matter expert in the IBM i system, assisting companies all over the world with their modernization projects. He is an expert in Fresche's IBM i Application Analysis and Management Suite, X-Analysis.