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IBM i Green Screen Modernization

4-Part Technical Series: IBM i Green Screen UI Modernization

There are many approaches to IBM i green screen modernization and depending on what your goals are, solutions will vary.  In some cases, modernizing your existing green screens is the best option whereas others would better suit new web and mobile development.

In this 4-part technical series Nick Hampson and Greg Patterson look at the various approaches to UI modernization and development, and demonstrate how the use of automated tooling makes it easy it is to create modern web interfaces.

2-minute preview of 4-part series on IBM i green screen UI modernization

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Each 30 minute session covers the following: 

PART 1: Approaching Your UI Modernization Project

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a modernization project, but nothing is more important than building a cohesive and well-thought-out plan. In this session, Nick helps you get your project on the right foot by discussing:

  • Things you should consider before modernizing your green screens
  • The importance of user experience and tips for effective application design
  • How to decide which applications to modernize 

Greg also highlights the UI modernization solutions that he demonstrates in subsequent sessions.

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