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IBM i modernization free white paper

IBM i systems are still the workhorse of many enterprises today. They contain tremendous amounts of critical data essential to running the business.

But with aging systems come challenges: difficulty finding skilled professionals; hard-to-maintain aplications because of risks associated to change ("What happens if I remove this brick?"); tough onboarding of new employees because of green screens ("Where's the mouse?!"); operational inefficiencies - growing maintenance costs, integration challenges and more.

There are many benefits to modernizing your IBM i applications: 

  • Improving users' perception of the value of your system
  • Reducing training time for new employees and developers
  • Providing access to critical data to non-technical staff and executives
  • Improving your ability to integrate with desktop and other systems

At Fresche, IBM i management and modernization is what we do. We are on a mission to help IBM i customers benefit from everything that modern technology has to offer. Because the first step to modernization is building a plan, we thought you might like to read this white paper and start thinking about how modernization can help your company.

Download the free roadmap
"IBM i Application Modernization"

This free white paper will teach you the six main steps that lead up to a successful modernization:
  1. Analyzing your application environment
  2. Finding the right strategy
  3. Aligning IT projects to the creation of business value
  4. Defining a timeframe with quick wins
  5. Seeking input from application stakeholders
  6. Seeking external validation on strategy and approach


Download it now to start your jouney toward an application environment
that matches your technical and business needs!

IBM i Application Modernization

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