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Modern, professional IBM i documents. Automatic, electronic distribution. No coding.

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Modernizing your printed forms, checks and labels with Formtastic is one of the fastest  IBM i modernization projects to implement and can generate a quick ROI.

Improve Customer Service: Get documents to your customers faster in electronic format and improve the document’s usability.

Reduce the IT Burden: Make changes to forms without modifying the original applications. You can also automate distribution to reduce the burden on IT.

Save Money: Reduce or eliminate costs associated with printing, postage and labour. 

Replace Outdated Solutions (IBM AFP Utilities, Optio, ACOM): Feeling stuck with an outdated forms solution? Transferring to Formtastic is safe, fast and cost-effective. 

Improve Brand Equity: Create professional documents that can be printed, emailed, faxed or archived from within Formtastic's intuitive WYSIWG editor.


Fresche's flexible subscription model ensures that you only pay for what you need, while also providing room for expansion as your requirements change.

Wondering about how Formtastic can transform your IBM i document management and distribution? Get in touch with a modernization expert today.