A better way to understand your applications, make maintenance easy and move projects forward faster

It can be challenging to gain a full understanding of you IBM i code and perform accurate impact analysis. Making decisions without having all the details can result in increased development costs and added risk when making changes to your applications. It also makes it difficult to onboard new developers.

Make code changes with confidence and eliminate guesswork!

Fresche View gives you a detailed view of your IBM i environment with automated, graphical documentation and the ability to do in-depth, cross-application impact analysis.

With Fresche View you can:

  • Speed up development
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Estimate projects faster and accurately
  • Focus testing efforts in the right areas
  • Onboard new developers faster



Prime Therapeutics Prime Therapeutics achieved 40% productivity gain
and 60% quicker onboarding of new employees with automated application documentation and impact analysis

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