Fresche Security Suite

IBM i (AS/400) Security & Compliance

NOW Available via Annual Subscription

Guarding against ransomware and cyber threats is a top priority for business & IT stakeholders, and IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) is not immune to these threats.  

A lack of skilled resources and security knowledge has left many companies vulnerable to attack. With the average ransomware breach costing $4.62M, companies can no longer afford NOT to prioritize security by implementing better system configuration and corrective measures.

Uniquely created for IBM i, the Fresche Security Suite provides complete system monitoring capabilities to quickly uncover malware, malicious code and potential threats. Designed for ease of use, the software comes with a modern intuitive dashboard that provides real-time alerts, allowing you to deal with internal and external threats before they happen. 


Fresche Security Suite Provides:

  1. Ransomware Protection
  2. Exit Point Security
  3. Security Compliance
  4. SIEM Integration
  5. Data Encryption
  6. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


Not Sure Where To Start?

Our Security Experts Are Here For You.

Many organizations don't know how to approach security or uncover and address system vulnerabilities. Working with experienced security professionals can help get you started.

Partnering with experienced security professionals is the fastest way to secure your business-critical data and gain peace of mind.

Our IBM i security experts can help you identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and risks. We can also guide you and your team on how to better maintain and improve your security position going forward. 


Ready to purchase? Fresche Security Suite is NOW available via annual subscription.