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Cloud & Managed Services for IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) & Surrounding Systems

Move to a cloud model that is right for you and your workload needs. 


Organizations are quickly realizing that the benefits of cloud include much more than better performance and a greater ability to scale. Cloud users boast of better productivity and an increased ability to serve customers, they are also better positioned to handle sharp changes in the business - good and bad. 

With Fresche Cloud, you get a solution designed to provide your business with a secure, customized virtual slice of an enterprise-level infrastructure. Our cloud strategists & engineers will help your team integrate your workloads across the right environments, while maximizing availability, securing your business-critical data and help simplify your cloud adoption.


What we can help you with:


  • Creating new powerful and scalable workloads
         (On prem, cloud or hybrid)
  • Increasing environment uptime and availability
  • Optimizing on-premise infrastructure
  • Data center relocations and audits
  • Operating system upgrades

  • Implementing better HA/DR strategies
  • Automating tape-based backups
  • Freeing up IT resources
  • Reducing IT operating costs
  • Strengthening your security position
  • IT & IBM i SysAdmin services
  • And much more...


Speak with an IBM i (AS/400) Cloud Hosting Expert

Adopt a scaled, simplified & resilient approach to cloud and gain greater flexibility, agility and a competitive edge. Explore flexible cloud hosting options and gain access to top IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) and IT skills to help you better manage IT and run your business. 

As much or as little as you need.


There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. And, every workload and environment is unique. Our expert cloud engineers will work with you and provide you with options for how you can take advantage of the computing power of cloud based on your actual needs.


Cloud Solutions: Tailored to the platform, Fresche Cloud is built to keep your IBM i running for as long as you need it.
Hybrid Solutions: Take gradual steps to the cloud by implementing a hybrid of cloud and on-premise solutions.
Managed Services: Keep your infrastructure on-premise, while benefiting from comprehensive managed services to gain new abilities and free up your resources.



AS/400 system cloud premise hybrid

Top 5 IBM i Cloud Strategies For Success

High-value low-risk initiatives for 2023 and beyond


Thomas Harris, General Manager, Fresche Cloud explores high-value initiatives to consider as you start moving your workloads: 

  • Setting up application testing environments 
  • Upgrading the OS 
  • Implementing development systems 
  • HA/DR & Backup/ Archive 
  • Moving the entire system to cloud 

Not Sure Where To Start?
Our Cloud Experts Are Here For You.

Many organizations don't know how to approach cloud or what their needs are. Working with experienced cloud professionals can help you figure out where to start.



With dedicated project managers and detailed roadmaps, our IBM i cloud experts can help you transition your business-critical operations to cloud. With checkpoints and contingencies through the process, we can help you and your team upgrade to a cloud environment with confidence.