45-Minute Session

Extracting Key Insights from your IBM i Application with X-Analysis
Data-driven Decision Making

Your strength as a software developer lies not only in the code you write, but also in the tools you choose to surround yourself with. The right tools are often the determining factor in your productivity and efficiency as a developer.

Join Robert Arce, IBM i Modernization Specialist to learn about X-Analysis, a powerful productivity tool that every developer must have to be proficient in managing IBM i applications. 

X-Analysis automates application documentation, impact analysis, audits code quality, extracts business rules, and facilitates modernization. Additionally, it reduces the time, effort, and risks associated with managing large IBM i applications, while also giving CIOs and business stakeholders the critical insights they need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

In this session, Robert will cover: 

  • Assessing the current state of your applications and database
  • Use cases – improved efficiencies gained with replacing application modules
  • Automating application documentation & extracting key application insights
    • Lines of code, number of objects by type (RPG, CL) tables, complexity, business rules extraction
  • Using XA to accurately automate IT project scoping and descoping  (E.g.: Problem resolution, field resizing, regulatory compliance changes)
  • Understanding the state of your database architecture



Robert Arce
Modernization Specialist
Fresche Solutions



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