Background: Paragon Consulting Services are the developers of Metalware, an application developed entirely in RPG.  

Challenge: Although very successful in the niche metals industry, Metalware was losing market share because its 5250 green screen interface was being perceived as out-dated. “We reached the point where we couldn’t make any new sales, and it was primarily because of the interface” says Shawne O’Connor, Director at Paragon. 

Solution: Paragon selected newlook and smartclient after evaluating their options. “Once we understood what newlook was capable of, it was an easy decision for us to proceed. We were able to take 30 years of RPG development and get quick results."

Shawne Oconner Director Paragon

"We needed a solution that would get us results with the least amount of effort and time, but that could also provide a very modern, integrated and responsive user experience. "

- Shawne O'Conner - Director, Paragon

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