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Beyond the Spool File: Modernizing IBM i Documents for Today's Digital Needs

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Modernizing your printed forms, checks, labels and barcodes is one of the fastest projects to implement and can have an immediate, tangible impact on your bottom line. The benefits are significant: You’ll improve customer service with electronic delivery, reduce the reporting burden on IT, extend the life of your applications and the platform, and cut down on printing and distribution costs. 

Attend this webinar with Stephen Flaherty to learn how Fresche’s Formtastic tool can help you: 

  • Create graphical IBM i documents without coding or redevelopment 
  • Import existing SCS or AFP forms, or forms from other tools 
  • Automatically export, archive, fax and email documents as PDF 
  • Replace poorly supported or EOL tools, such as AFP Utilities 
  • Access documents from a secure, mobile-friendly web portal 

You'll also learn about: 

  • Pre-designed form, check and label templates 
  • Tax Packs that include annual tax documents 
  • Generating ACH payments and positive pay from existing spool files 
  • Barcode insertion and types, including 2-D QR codes 



Stephen Flaherty
IBM i Modernization Specialist


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