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Speed Up IBM i Application Development with Automated Testing

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See an introduction to X-Replay for automated 5250 UI testing and learn how you can improve developer productivity with Fresche's end-to-end testing suite.

There is a growing requirement for IBM i shops to develop, modify and test applications quickly and improve speed to market. However, many IBM i applications have been built with monolithic code that is rarely well documented, which introduces risk when developers make changes to these applications. Automation is key to adapting rapidly and moving multiple projects (e.g. field resizing and RPG refactoring) to completion.

Fresche's end-to-end testing suite, which includes X-Datatest and the newly-released X-Replay, reduces risk by enabling developers to automatically test the UI, business logic and the database. X-Datatest prepares test databases, develops test cases, provides regression testing and integrates with IBM’s Code Coverage to help test business logic. Together, the solutions form a highly effective IBM i application testing suite.

Join us for this webinar with Marcel Sarrasin and Ray Everhart to see:
  • The importance of automated end-to-end testing and best practises 
  • Technical demo of X-Replay for automated 5250 UI testing
  • X-Datatest for test data management, regression testing and code coverage


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Marcel Sarrasin
Chief Product Officer

During his 20 years in the IBM i marketplace, Marcel has filled many roles, including product manager, technical support manager and trainer. He has helped hundreds of IBM i programmers become proficient web developers using Fresche's solutions and has in-depth understanding of IBM i application modernization approaches.


Ray Everhart
Senior X-Analysis Product Manager

For over 30 years, Ray has helped companies understand, develop and manage their RPG, COBOL and CA 2E application environments. He also specializes in helping clients enhance and modernize their systems to meet evolving business demands and take advantage of digital transformation opportunities.