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Adopt a Cloud-first Approach: Modernizing JDE Applications and Data

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As technology evolves, so does our dependence on data. This abundance of information can eventually lead to technical debt and system performance problems, particularly for businesses using JDE applications.

However, cloud migration can be a game-changer, optimizing operations, increasing availability, and reducing costs. If you're considering a move to the cloud, a great first step is to clean, optimize and archive your data.

Join us for an educational and professional 45-minute session, where we'll discuss strategies and tools to help you reduce technical debt and free up system resources.

You'll learn the benefits of migrating your data to a cloud-based platform, which data to move securely, what a strategic roadmap should look like for your JDE applications and data, and how we at Fresche and ARCTOOLS can help.

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David C. Shea
President & Founder

Raymond Hammell

Raymond Hammell
Cloud Solutions Architect 
Fresche Solutions