Accelerate IBM i Field Resizing with Automation

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Organizations running RPG applications on IBM i typically encounter the need to expand their database fields as they expand organically or via acquisitions. Field resizing is often a long-term project, taking years to complete if done manually. Because of this, companies avoid tackling it until they have no other choice.  

There is an easier way to move forward – automation.  

Join Robert Arce and Stephen Flaherty on how Fresche’s X-Resize solution automatically resizes database fields and all fields in affected programs. 

You’ll learn about the advantages of automated field resizing and how this approach: 
  • Reduces the risk of human error 
  • Provides a detailed impact assessment for all instances for the resize project 
  • Eliminates the guess work and automatically handles all aspects of the resizing task 


Robert Arce

Robert Arce
Solution Strategist



Stephen Flaherty
Modernization Specialist