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"Modernization is about applying new knowledge to improve something valuable. If something is still valuable, it's worth enhancing with today's advanced technology."

Steve Will - IBM i Chief Architect

Learn from the success of others. Your existing IBM i applications are the backbone of your business. Discover how modernization can release and deliver valuable added benefits.

This free webinar will demonstrate how you can leverage your IBM i application to provide high quality mobile, cloud, graphical and integrated solutions. Learn how real customers eliminated complexity and risk while delivering high calibre solutions.

This webinar enables you to:

  • Understand the future of IBM i and modern applications

  • Use mobile, cloud and other web technologies to improve your IBM i solutions

  • Deliver your high quality modernized solution in two weeks




Steve Will
IBM i Chief Architect

Presenter_images_round_corners_Trevor_Perry_lookahead13_copy  Presenter_images_round_corners_Nick_Hampson_lookahead13_copy
 Trevor Perry
   IBM Champion 
Nick Hampson
UX Expert 

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    On-demand available now
Duration:     60 minutes including Q&A